Unlike most media channels, SmartGuyTV was designed to be "Smarter" television. Our shows run approximately 30 minutes, are interactive (allowing you to participate and ask questions) and cover current topics important to today's entrepreneurs and small business owners. There are no costs to watch, no hidden agendas and no commercials.

​SmartGuy.TV is owned/operated by SmartGuy®, one of the largest exclusive business directories and networks in the world with over one hundred thousand businesses having joined in over 11,000 cities worldwide.

SmartGuy.TV was designed to educate business professionals, who are looking for proven tips, strategies and proprietary tools that will help them grow their business effectively. 

Our shows are currently displayed through Facebook, allowing you to participate throughout the live telecast.

Join our host Mr. Dean Renfro and business professionals from all around the world as we discuss the latest tips, strategies and tools to help grow your business fast! 

Mr. Dean Renfro

the difference


"Smarter" television for business professionals

your host

Dean has been engaged in the lives of people for over 45 years. He is a certified business coach, serial entrepreneur, SmartGuy city network leader and pastor.

Dean invests a great deal of time to stay on the cutting edge, utilizing the latest tools and strategies to help other business owners succeed.


Unlike most media broadcasts that only provide ideas, we often provide you the actual tools to accomplish the tasks at hand.